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What if you had an attorney who had your back? Who knew you? Who cared about you? Who you could reach any time, day or night?

There’s something comforting about the phrase “my doctor.” It’s even more reassuring when that healthcare professional is your friend; someone you can call night or day who already knows your medical history, your life situation, your personal challenges, and who can help you address whatever medical issue that may arise.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a similar relationship with a legal professional who you could refer to as “my lawyer friend?" 

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"Randy is a highly competent and caring lawyer. He is conscientious, diligent and thorough. You can count on his objectivity and realistic assessment of your situation. You can also count on his respect for you and concern for you as a person. He knows the workings of the legal system and is a fine practitioner. He is honest and trustworthy. Some people may see the term ‘lawyer friend’ as an oxymoron. When it comes to Randy, it’s true. He’s the real-deal."

— Graden Keller, President & CEO kellerconsulting™, LLC

“My Lawyer friend, Randy Langford, has been my counsel in my back pocket for several years. He knows me well and understands how I work. I love his even temperament and ability to easily explain the often difficult legalese of my business transactions. Most recently he set me up with a will, power of attorney, and advance directives. It’s awesome to be able to say, ‘I’ve gotta guy who can take care of that’ with one phone call, and without breaking the bank! ”

— Denise M.

“Randy Langford is my legal guy on fast dial. He is candid, knowledgeable and experienced. My recent speeding ticket easily became a distant memory and I paid much less for the cure than the punishment. For my issue that involved litigation, he found another counselor that was the best match for my personality and needs. I feel privileged to have such quality attention and service from a lawyer who has truly become my friend.”

— Remy V.

“Randy Langford is the natural person to call for legal advice. Drawing on both courtroom and real life experience, he’s an attorney with common sense most lawyers are missing. Randy can help where the rubber meets the road on your legal needs. ”

— Brian McGiverin, attorney

“My Lawyer Friend has been a tremendous relief not only in saving time with pesky tickets but also in aiding me with my independent business pursuits. Knowing that I have reliable and accessible legal information on copyrighting and trademarks has led me to engage in business interactions with more caution and confidence. Where I may have jumped into an agreement haphazardly because of terms or approaches I was unsure of or didn’t have the time to research, I now have My Lawyer Friend to guide me efficiently and happily in the right direction. ”

— Zedrick Hamblin Di Menno, Space Lord of Zyklon 8

“In a time when many attorneys and too many of the rest of us succumb to the Almighty Dollar and to the subtle and often sinister rationalizations and deceptions that accompany ‘business as usual,’ Randy Langford has always dared to uphold the integrity of the legal profession and to seek justice for those too often denied its benefits. Randy’s integrity is demonstrated by his directness and honesty as he deals with clients; he ascertains the objectives of clients and supports those objectives to the extent that the law affords. Prospective clients should realize that he will be blunt and realistic with them while pursuing their interests avidly and knowledgeably. I have seen firsthand Randy’s ability to size up complex legal situations and get to the core of their concerns. I have seen firsthand how his tenacity in legal research has benefited clients. And I have seen firsthand how his empathy for those suffering injustice works hand in hand with a fully informed and honorable sense of legal options. I highly recommend the services of Randy Langford. His legal expertise is diversified and comprehensive. And, perhaps more than anything else, he combines sensitivity and compassion with an astonishing critical grasp of the best strategies available for clients to have their concerns addressed effectively. ”

— Tim Green, Emeritus Professor of English, St. Edward's University

“I ‘used to’ have quite the lead foot and Randy, my lawyer friend, took care of my tickets so they wouldn’t affect my driving record or my insurance. I haven’t had a ticket in quite a while, but I know if I did, he will stand up for me in court! In my business, I am wanting the agreements I make with my clients to reflect my values and beliefs. Randy’s Dynamic Agreement does just that!! It makes me feel at ease that I know I can call him for legal advice or clarifications about matters personal and professional!”

— Alisa Carr, Owner of Eye of the Heart, Therapist, Spiritual Director

“The strong pull of binary opposition between winners and losers make it very challenging to be anything but adversarial in our current cultural and political climate. Yet a practical take on our social reality in the trenches reveals that individuals cannot be so easily categorized. Nobody knows this better than Austin lawyer Randy Langford. Randy addresses this terrible dichotomy head on through his uncanny mediation skills that help people in conflict find win-win solutions that benefit everybody. Randy’s approach to the law is timely and powerful.”

— Stephen W. Kinney, Ph.D, Executive Director, The Front Porch

“I’m very satisfied with Randy L. Langford’s ‘My Lawyer Friend’ services. His unique approach is genuine, calming and caring and at the same time, he is a straight shooter, answering my questions and handling the details. He has helped with some legal issues such as: a truck driving under a clearance that was not high enough and would up damaging the roof of the truck and the apartment building, a friend that needed help in regard to a DWI and a client that was harassing me for money that I did not owe. It’s wonderful to be able to have a lawyer on the ‘My Lawyer Friend’ retainer. I highly recommend Randy L. Langford. ”

— Jo Rae Di Menno,


Traffic Tickets

Think about it, you’re working long hours. You’re tired and have a thousand things on your mind. You’re driving home when you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. The next thing you know you’re holding a traffic citation. “I don’t have time for this” you mumble as you drive away, because you know you’ll likely have to take off work and go to court to take care the ticket. The stress you were experiencing before you were stopped just rose a few notches. Then you remember, I can call “my lawyer friend” to take care of this! You hit your lawyer’s number on speed dial and soon you have one less worry to deal with.

Contracts and Agreements

Or, maybe you want to spruce up your yard with landscaping. You call a landscape company your cousin recommended. They come to your house and give you an estimate for the work. There’s a lot of fine print on the estimate that makes you feel uncomfortable. No worries though, you tell the landscape contractor “I’m going to have ‘my lawyer friend’ take a look at the estimate before I make a decision.” You feel better knowing you have ready access to a lawyer whenever you need it.

Copyright and Trademark

You’re a songwriter with a notebook full of compositions. A musician friend told you an “easy” way to copyright your creations. You’ve put your heart and soul into your songs and you’re not sure your friend knows what they’re talking about. “Thanks for the suggestion”, you tell them, “but I think I’m going to run that by ‘my lawyer friend’ just to be certain.” You send your lawyer an email asking about copyright law and within a few hours you receive a response explaining the copyright process and legal considerations. You’re really happy you had your own lawyer to help protect your work.

Jail Release and Criminal Matters

It’s 2 AM. You receive the dreaded phone call from the jail. Your family member or friend has been arrested. What now?! Many people would have to start calling people for referrals, or search the internet to try to find a lawyer or bail bonds person to see about having your loved one released.  It might take hours or even days to navigate the system. Not you though. You tell your loved one in jail “I’m going to call ‘my lawyer friend’ to see what needs to be done.”  Soon you have the information you need.

Organization Creation, Development, and Management

You’ve always wanted to start your own business or create a non-profit organization to meet a societal need, but you don’t know where to start.  You try to use one of those do-it-yourself online services, but they use legalese you don’t understand and there’s no one who can quickly address your questions and concerns. No worries, though, because you have a lawyer friend you can contact to walk you through the creation of your organization and take care of whatever you either don’t want to, or can’t, take care of. You also need help writing the by-laws for your organization, filing for tax exempt status, and deciding how you want the governance of your organization to be structured. Your lawyer friend can guide you through those issues and act as legal counsel for your organization’s structure, systems, and cultural matters.

Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney

You just found out a friend’s family member died after a lengthy illness and they didn’t have a Will or Medical Power of Attorney. Now the family is having to deal with the stress of settling their loved one’s estate when everyone is claiming to have been their favorite. Then you realize you don’t have a Will either! No worries, though, you just send an email to your lawyer friend and they guide you through the process of deciding who you’d like to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated, and how you’d like your things to be shared among your loved ones when you pass away.