How it Works/Pricing

A $100 initial payment is all that’s required to have a “My Lawyer Friend” you can count on to look after your best interest and be just a phone call or email away. If you’ve needed the assistance of a lawyer before you’re probably aware that ordinary legal fees can range from $200/hr. to $600/hr. or more. If you have a lawyer friend, though, work performed on your behalf is billed at $100/hr. in 6 minute (1/10th hour) blocks, which means for as little as $10 you can contact your lawyer friend who knows you personally to address whatever issue you might have.  Since your first $100 of legal services has already been paid for, you don’t have to worry about any more expenses until it’s used up, then, any additional legal fees will be billed to you as they occur. We use the Dynamic Agreement™ model for our Engagement Agreement (you can see one in the Resources section of this site) with you, which means we view our relationship as a collaborative, co-creative endeavor in which we work with you to provide peace of mind and high quality legal services. What’s cool about a Dynamic Agreement™ is that it’s constructed to handle changes in your life. If your life gives you lemons, we’ll talk about it with you to see what can be done to maintain our relationship and our agreement, and maybe even make some lemonade. The more we know about the changes and challenges you’re experiencing, the better we’ll be able to help you in your legal and life matters.

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